Miney Company is live on Steam Early Access for the Vive and Oculus!

2018-02-13We are thrilled to announce that Miney Company: A Data Racket is *now* available on Steam Early Access for both the Vive and Oculus. As thanks for the community’s support, Miney Company is priced at a reduced rate while in development.

Why Early Access?

While Miney Company is playable from start to end boss, many aspects of the game are still unfinished and are unpolished.

We want to open up Miney Company to the VR community’s feedback to make it even better, flesh out the world further, and continually iterate on it. In order to do that in a way that adds to the world we’ve created, we’d love to hear from you. We enjoy what we’ve made so far, but we think it can be better with your help.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Or as much as our location coordinators do!

“‘Eh, It’s a job. And it’s flexible enough that it doesn’t take away from my ride-share driving gig. I also don’t have to put on pants for it, so there’s that. Unlike my ride-share gig…” —Albert

“Miney Company sure knows how to look out for their employees! Wait, I mean look at their employees. They aren’t too into data privacy if you know what I mean.” —Benjamin

“It’s not so much of a job as it is something you waste time doing and are rewarded with a fiat currency.” —Cecil